Having a safe space for parents and kids to come and exchange ideas helps keep families strong.

Our history and future

The Allegheny County Department of Human Services, in partnership with other family-centered organizations, established a county-wide network of neighborhood Family Centers in 1997.

In the years since thousands of young children and their parents have had fulfilling experiences and meaningful interactions at Family Centers.

Starting in 2020, Family Centers adopted a more inclusive definition of “family” to include children under 18 and their caregivers. Families are welcome to visit their neighborhood Family Center as often as they like. All activities are free.

The vision for Family Centers is that they become hubs for authentic and supportive connections for all families in the community.

For more than 20 years, Family Centers have helped children in Allegheny County achieve brighter futures.

Our goals

  • Young children play-to-learn with kids their own age to build social skills and prepare for Kindergarten
  • Parents share ideas with each other and professionals to answer questions about parenting do’s and don’ts
  • Parents make progress toward their goals by enrolling in education or job readiness classes
  • Families connect over shared experiences, including struggles and achievements, and learn that by working together they can provide a safe and loving environment for their children

Our staff live in or near the neighborhood where they work to improve their understanding of the community. We build one-on-one relationships with family members to foster mutual respect and promote cultural awareness and partner with the parents and caregivers, children and professionals to identify and build on the strengths of each family member. We want to inspire parents and caregivers to imagine big goals and follow the path to reach them.

Our partners

Strong families are the cornerstone of strong communities. Having a safe place for parents and kids to meet and exchange ideas helps keep families strong.

Your neighborhood Family Center is ready and waiting for you and your child to walk through the door and get started.